San Luis Obispo Elopement // Azu & Scott

Azu and Scott eloped at the courthouse in San Luis Obispo and then met up with me for an hour. I love, love, LOVE elopements. After photos with me they went to Edna Valley with their families for wine tasting before a delicious dinner together. Maybe it’s just the simplicity of it all, but it’s the best when couples imagine their favorite day and do that (which could be a big bash or just the two of them). Cheers to being yourselves.

San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-1.jpgSan-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-20.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-163.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-33.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-63.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-18.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-7.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-11.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-133.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-213.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-3.jpg San-Luis-Obispo-Elopement-19.jpg

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