San Luis Obispo Engagement // Roxanne & Brandon

I have so much love for these two. Together, they are pursuing their dream of having an organic farm. They plant, pull weeds, and harvest after work and sometimes late into the night (even this week! just before their wedding). I love that their engagement shoot was a total reflection of their style and their passions. I’m over-the-moon happy for you both. Let’s party. san-luis-obispo-engagement-27 san-luis-obispo-engagement-1 san-luis-obispo-engagement-28 san-luis-obispo-engagement-5 san-luis-obispo-engagement-17 san-luis-obispo-engagement-19 san-luis-obispo-engagement-8 san-luis-obispo-engagement-18 san-luis-obispo-engagement-10 san-luis-obispo-engagement-9 san-luis-obispo-engagement-11san-luis-obispo-engagement-3 san-luis-obispo-engagement-25 san-luis-obispo-engagement-12 san-luis-obispo-engagement-13 san-luis-obispo-engagement-14
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