San Luis Obispo Anniversary Session // Molly & Jabob

This post will, eventually, be about Molly and Jacob and how incredible they are, but first, let me gush on Molly and I and the kismet that brought us together. I guess a facebook group isn’t a super crazy way to meet a friend, but when you take into account that amount of fondness I have for her (and Jacob!), I think it’s pretty lucky. Molly (who is a super duper talented photographer) and I shot a wedding together due to the beauty of second photographer groups on facebook and then a few months later, I shot their wedding (which I still have yet to blog, oy). She and Jacob drove down from Santa Cruz for an anniversary session a few weeks ago. I can’t express how fun they are and how their chemistry is such a perfect match. I can’t wait to see them again in the spring when I get to photograph a wedding Molly is in. I’m so lucky to have a job the combines friendship and work.

Hair and Makeup by Kelly Jo // Dress by FreePeople // Scans by PhotoVision

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