• I recommend keeping you both in all the medium/large family photos. Even though it's just quickly removing one of you, it really adds on time.
  • Try to imagine the photos you'll actually really want after the wedding. Even though it is one of the most important times, family photos has the potential to be the most emotionally taxing time of the whole day. Because of this, I recommend keeping it to 30 minutes if possible (so about 10-13 groupings max).
  • I can help recommend a location for these, but look for a spot with lots of shade and slightly away from cocktail hour (you'll loose too many people to the bar.

Sample Photo List

Prior to Ceremony

Alex + Wedding Party

Alex + Individuals in Wedding Party (5)

Alex + Mom

Alex + Dad

Alex + Sisters (Jackie and Leslie)

Max + Wedding Party

Max + Individuals in Wedding Party (5)

Max + Brother (Jessie)

Max + Mom

Photos After the Ceremony

Alex's Extended Family - Meyer Side (Immediate family plus Mom's side - 13 people)

Alex's Extended Family - Dixon Side (Immediate family plus Dad's side - 10 people)

Max's Extended Family - Garcia & Vega side (about 20 people)

Alex's Side

Alex + Max + Grandparents

Alex + Max + Alex's Immediate Family

Alex + Max + Parents

Alex + Max + Siblings


Max's Side

Alex + Max + Grandpa

Alex + Max + Immediate Family

Alex + Max + Mom


Alex + Max + Jackie + Leslie + Jessie

Whole Wedding Party