I give you the digital files with each of my packages. However, please, please, please do not allow them to die on your computer. The best saying I've heard is that you can't pass down your facebook page to future generations. You don't have to print them with me, but this is going to be my unapologetic case for why you should. These albums will last for generations. So rather than looking for a hard drive somewhere, your grandkids can flip through a beautiful album and relive the day with you.

Option #1: $1200

  • 12 x 12 Linen Album with 10 Spreads (20 pages)
  • Personalized foil debossing on the front (choose from gold, silver, or rose gold)
  • Archival printing
  • Layflat pages


  • Extra Spread (2 pages): $25
  • Leather: $200

6 x 6 Mini Album - $350

These are perfect for parent gifts. Identical album layout and material as layflat album, only available when ordered as an add-on to option #1.

Option #2: $800

  • 12 x 12 Linen Hardcover Fine Art Book
  • 20 Spreads (40 pages)
  • Personalized Foil Debossing on the front (choose from gold, silver or rose gold)
  • Pages are thinner and do not lay flat

Additional Spreads: $15/spread

Pages typically pages hold 1-3 images. Therefore, for a 40-page album, you would select around 60-80 favorite images to choose from.

Shipping is included with all orders. Albums will arrive in 4-6 weeks to allow for production time.