on turning 30

TwinsiesOn Monday, my twin sister, Tammy (left), and I turned 30 years old. We have both realized that birthdays are challenging. They obviously indicate the passing of time, but they make you reflect on the state of your life, both the good and bad. It’s difficult not to focus on what you have not accomplished yet, the trip of a lifetime you haven’t taken yet, and the lack of healthy habits that you still haven’t implemented.

I received an e-mail from a 29-year-old me on Sunday morning (via the service FutureMe). My previous FutureMe e-mails were full of charges to take life by the horns and do something amazing. I still have a lot of inner-drive, but I’m grateful that this e-mail was much more gracious.

Here are a few snippets:

In regard to photography: “…don’t be so critical of yourself. Just look at how far you have come.”

On trying to get pregnant: “…be kind to yourself and patient with life. Although you love planning, sometimes unexpected and painful things happen.”

On celebrating my birthday: “Eat a good meal, let Adam love you the way he knows how, and watch a really good movie. Maybe hang out with your closest friends. You don’t need much more than that.”

In closing: “Love yourself well this decade. It’s the only chance you’ll get to love your 30’s! Love, Me”

The result was Sunday morning tears in bed. I think we have much of the wisdom we need within us, but I’m grateful for good friends and family to reflect these truths back to me. We ended up celebrating with a bon fire, stand up paddle boarding, good food, and a good movie. It was lovely.

Tammy, cheers to our 30’s! Let’s be kind to ourselves.


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  • KathieAugust 28, 2013 - 6:53 pm

    Beautifully said, Tina. Your future is bright!
    And just wait… Your 30’s are more fun than your 20’s!ReplyCancel

  • SolAugust 28, 2013 - 9:10 pm

    T, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wisdom that we all love you for. May this decade be a great one for you and those of us that are graced by your presence in our lives.ReplyCancel

  • EmilyAugust 31, 2013 - 2:48 am

    Happy birthday to both of you!! I’m so lucky to have been welcomed into such a wonderful family. May your 30s be amazing….I’ll follow your lead 😉
    After reading this, I had 2 thoughts…
    1. Tina, you’re brilliant
    2. You and Tammy have amazing teeth. lol yes, I stared at your teeth in the picture probably longer than I should admit.ReplyCancel