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Bohemian Bride and GroomAdam and I were eating dinner the other night with a couple that just had their 1-year anniversary. They asked us how long we’ve been married and the words “7 years” felt like a really large number to be saying. We got married pre-pinterest and before either of us had Facebook. We didn’t necessarily escape some of the common pressures that come with planning a wedding, we definitely didn’t experience the constant barrage of inspiration that brides and grooms have today. I think this contributed to looking back as this being one of the funnest days I’ve ever had. Our wedding maybe had a hint of bohemian, but it was really more in the way we approached it that gave it a touch of free-spiritedness.

The word “bohemian” is tossed around a lot. So much so, that in this recent styled shoot shown in this post, we had some trouble really defining what the style is. While there is certainly a look that goes with it, it is also an approach to things. In addition it being a term for a people group, it is also used to reference not being too concerned with the “correct way of doing things” and instead being okay with the unconventional.

So, while I don’t really have any style advice, here are a handful of tips for approaching your wedding with a bohemian spirit.

Celia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Floral Crown1. Think about which traditions would actually mean something to you and keep them. 

Let’s be honest, weddings are full of beautiful traditions and symbols. You don’t need to throw them all out. My dad walked me down the aisle (I wish I would have also had my mom walk with us), we had first dances, friends sang during the ceremony, all in all, it had a lot of traditional elements.Celia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Florals2. Chuck the Rest and Create Something New.

I opted for no veil because it didn’t work with what I wanted to do with my hair. Simple. We’re not cake people, but we are homemade kalua double-chocolate cupcake kind of people. You are not required by the wedding gods to throw your bouquet while Beyonce sings in the background (although if that song was around 7 years ago I may have considered it). Create new traditions that mean something to you as a couple and as a community. Celia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Florals3. But, Consider Family Traditions and Wishes.

You don’t need to give control to your parents or other well-meaning people, but family traditions can be a beautiful thing. Your family is what has shaped and molded you and that can be something to celebrate. During one of our weddings this year, we photographed a Korean Tea Ceremony and it was one of the most moving events I have seen.Dana Powers Barn Bride on Swing4. Don’t Get Legalistic About It.

A friend of mine recently got married in a white dress, even though she wasn’t crazy about the why behind it. She just loved how she looked in it. Flowers were used originally because people were pretty smelly. But they are crazy beautiful. Keep what you love. Dana Powers Orange Groves with Bride5. Put Simply…

Think about what elements throughout the day would be most symbolic of who you both are and what would be the most fun, and do that. If it takes too much time, make a weekend out of it and do a day after shoot with your photographer to relieve the pressure.

Limiting your pinterest time couldn’t hurt either. Bohemian Bride // Dana Powers House WeddingDana-Powers-Bohemian-Wedding----1 Bohemian Bride and Groom // Dana Powers House Wedding Bohemian Groom Celia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Florals Hello Friday Events Bohemian Table Design Hello Friday Events Bohemian Table Design Hello Friday Events Bohemian Table Design Hello Friday Events Bohemian Table Design Hello Friday Events Bohemian Table DesignCelia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Floral DesignCelia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Floral DesignCelia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Floral DesignCelia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Floral DesignCelia Grace Dress with Lori Boe Floral DesignI think these reasons are why I really do love this shoot. Beyond having amazing vendors to work with, the result was a wedding that I would have really enjoyed, a well set table to share with your closest friends.

design + invitations: Hello Friday Event Design // venue: Dana Powers House Nipomo, California // dress: Celia Grace // sandals: Sseko Design // florals: Lori Boe Floral Design // hair + make up: Sammy Williams Hair and Makeup // jewelry: Lisa Leonard Designs // decor: Humankind Fair Trade // vintage rentals: Embellish Vintage Rentals // cupcakes: It Takes a Bakery // truffles: Mama Ganache

You can see this shoot and learn more about fair trade and eco friendly wedding  on Green Wedding Shoes.

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